The confusion with the name is easily explained: the new Mercedes-Benz T-Class minivan is built as a luxury passenger version of the Mercedes-Benz Citan. Which, in turn, is an adaptation of the new generation Renault Kangoo. The last car is a freight and passenger van, well known both in Europe and in Ukraine: the car recently debuted in the third generation.

This is the second time Mercedes-Benz has practiced such a “trick”: a few years ago the Mercedes-Benz Citan, built based on the Renault Kangoo of the last (second) generation, was presented. But now, for the first time, the “Germans” have decided to go further and launch a separate minivan model with its name. That’s how Mercedes-Benz T-class appeared. A detailed explanation is needed to understand where this completely new car has such familiar body features!

Familiar shape, barely noticeable hood, sliding side doors, a vertical rear wall with access to the trunk. However, new headlights, front bumper, and the brand’s huge star make it clear – we still have Mercedes-Benz in front of us!

There are many more differences in the interior: the original steering wheel and instrument panel, a center console with round air ducts, MBUX multimedia system. In addition, the minivan Mercedes-Benz T-Class features improved finishing materials. Only a few details, such as the climate control unit, give the “French-made” origin away. And the space in the rear and the trunk show that the basis was not just “French-made”, but also a van: plenty of space above the head, the correct cubic shape of the luggage compartment, ample opportunities for transformation.

So far, the Mercedes-Benz T-Class has debuted as standard: a body length of about 4.5 meters, an interior with two rows of seats, a total of five seats. However, in the future, it’s promised to create an extended version and a 7-seater interior. Though, there is already a choice between two turbocharged engines with different power options – 1.5-liter diesel (95-116 hp) or 1.3-liter gasoline (102-131 hp), the latter is a joint development of Mercedes-Benz and Renault. A mechanical transmission is available as standard, and a dual-clutch “robot” is available as an option.

What do you think, is there any future for such a car in Ukraine?