Google has allowed personal information to be removed from search results. Previously, this could only be done with data that allowed to steal identity or money.

It’s important that: even if the content is removed from the search, it can still remain on the page or forum where it is posted. It can be found through other search engines, social networks, etc. Google recommends you to contact the site’s webmaster to permanently remove such content.

A list of what can be removed from the search:

  • contact information, such as addresses, telephone number or e-mail;
  • confidential identification numbers of the state standard;
  • bank account numbers;
  • credit card numbers;
  • image of handwritten signatures;
  • images of identity documents;
  • personal, confidential and official records, such as medical records;
  • personal contact information (physical addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses);
  • confidential credentials.

Upon request Google may also remove intimate images, pornographic deep fakes or Photoshop that uses human resemblance.

How do I delete my phone number and email from Google Search?

  1. Send a request to remove personal information using this form.
  2. First, specify where exactly you want to delete information: search only, or on websites, too.
  3. If you only want to delete in search, Google will offer two types of requests: delete a webpage or images.
  4. To delete a webpage, you must enter its URL in the request.
  5. To delete an image, first find it in Google Images, then copy the URL and add it to your request as well.

Google also helps remove information from web pages. If you select “Delete information in search results or on the website” and when asked if you have contacted the webmaster of the site, specify the answer “No. How do I do this?” and Google will provide detailed instructions.
If you choose other answers (“Yes” or “No, thank you”), you will then need to specify what information you want to delete. Then fill in the fields of the request, which are formed depending on the previous answer.

When the request is sent, you will receive an automatic confirmation email. The request will be considered and, if necessary, additional information will be collected. Then a notification with the result will be sent by e-mail. Content will either be removed or an explanation of why the request does not meet the requirements.