Due to sanctions imposed on Russia as a result of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the largest Russian IT companies have problems with the purchase of equipment.

It is difficult to find something on the market even from older equipment. “It is impossible to buy servers even on the secondary market, used equipment was sold out in early March despite sky-high prices,” says one source.

The use of Russian servers did not solve this problem. They are working on Baikal and Elbrus processors, the stocks of which are running out and a stable supply of new batches is not yet expected.

Problems arose in the company VK, which owns the social network Vkontakte (formerly Mail.ru Group). Last week they sent a letter to the Russian Ministry of Digital Development asking for help with the purchase of “tens of thousands of servers” needed for expansion and ongoing operations. The company obviously failed to purchase the equipment on its own.

Yandex has also experienced difficulties with the purchase of equipment. The company is suspending many new and experimental services that were planned earlier. Both companies claim that they have enough technological resources and reserves for current work.