The State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine reports that the number of cyber attacks by Russian hackers on Ukrainians is only increasing. They are primarily aimed at gaining access to social media accounts in order to spread propaganda and calls for capitulation.

It is noted that such attacks are implemented using conventional phishing. The enemy closely follows the news in Ukraine and reacts quickly to information about any assistance to citizens from the state, which he then uses in fake letters. Similar hacks can also be used to track individual users and their contacts.

To protect themselves from such cases, the State Special Service advises:

  • Do not open emails or messages from unknown recipients;
  • If the letter or message is already open, do not follow the links and even more so do not enter your personal data in any form, do not fill in the fields with information about phone number, bank card details, etc .;
  • Use two-factor authentication in all services that have this functionality.

In addition, one should remember that assistance from the state can be obtained only through the state application “Diia”, and reliable information about the payment of assistance abroad is available only in the official organizations of Ukraine.