Starlink Satellite Internet will work on JSX semi-private charter aircraft – Elon Musk’s company is entering the aviation Wi-Fi market. The first agreement with the carrier has already been signed.

According to JSX CEO Alex Wilcox, the agreement with SpaceX provides for the maintenance of up to 100 aircraft. The airline currently has 77 30-seat Embraer aircraft.

Starlink’s JSX flight service is currently awaiting regulatory approval. According to Wilcox, it is expected to be received by the fourth quarter of this year, if not earlier. The Starlink aerial antenna has now been installed on one of the JSX aircraft for testing.

Financial details of the agreement are not disclosed. It is known that JSX will provide Starlink services for passengers free of charge, without any login screens to access the network.

“Starlink on JSX will be just like home, only faster,” says Wilcox.

SpaceX has been talking about the in-flight communications market since the company began offering Internet services. Recently Vice President of Starlink stressed that the aviation Wi-Fi market is “ripe for overhaul”. Testing of a specific Starlink aerial antenna began at SpaceX more than a year ago.