Hit by the Ukrainian Navy Forces, the Russian flagship of the Black Sea Fleet Moskva missile cruiser, which sank after being damaged with Neptun missiles, became an object of underwater cultural heritage of Ukraine.

According to the UNESCO Convention, all traces of human activity on the bottom of the Black Sea, within the economic zone of Ukraine are its property. Therefore, Moskva missile cruiser was entered in the register of underwater cultural heritage of Ukraine under number 2064.

Moskva is the largest object sunk in the Black Sea, its length is 186 meters. According to British intelligence, the ship sank at a distance of 80 nautical miles from Odesa at a depth of 45-50 meters. It should be visible even without deep immersion.

We remind that at the sinking site of the cruiser there is now increased activity of rescue and diving boats of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. However, they are unlikely to be able to raise it, so they are most likely searching for bodies, weapons and classified documents.