Zoom reaction emoji is one of the most convenient features that allows you to quickly applaud a colleague or send a heart to a friend. In the latest PC update, Zoom has made several of these reactions even more accessible. Gesture recognition will show thumbs-up emojis at a meeting if you make such a gesture on camera – or put a raised hand emoji if you raise your hand.

This feature will not be new to those who have used the Zoom app on iPad and iPhone, which have supported these two gestures since last summer. Those who have used them already know that gestures both help and hinder.

For example, Zoom interpreted touching the face as raising the hand and responding only to very intrusive “thumbs up”. However, when the feature works well, it helps to bridge the gap between digital and real communication.

Zoom boards have also been improved in the latest version. They originally existed as an application to meetings, but are now a separate product within Zoom. The developer is also trying to simplify the management of rooms and surveys, as well as holding large events on the platform. In addition, Zoom continues to implement a chat etiquette tool that will automatically set corporate communication policies.

The company continues to gather the best ideas from the industry in its core product. There were rumors a few years ago that Zoom would be an open platform for developers, but it still makes the most interesting decisions and strives to become the main place to communicate online.