These days it became known that Microsoft is developing a program that will allow partners to advertise in free games for Xbox. And now it has become known that Sony is also working on a similar project.

According to Business Insider, citing sources directly related to Sony’s plans, the company is currently exploring ways to encourage free game developers with new monetization options.

At this time, PlayStation’s advertising opportunities are limited to menu advertising, such as for publishers to promote their products in the PlayStation Store. However, according to Business Insider, Sony is currently working on mechanisms to allow free game developers to display ads directly in the game, so that it has a natural look and fits organically into the gaming experience, for example, in the form of billboards in sports simulators.

One additional mechanism is a reward system for players who watch the ad, and according to one Business Insider source, Sony is considering selling information about user activity on PlayStation to developers and publishers.

It is also reported that Sony has actually been working in this direction for the last year and a half and intends to implement the project by the end of the year.