Ukrainian developer from Cherkasy Pavlo Izotov created a game in which you can rebuild the cities of Ukraine. The project appeared in a bomb shelter, where the man was hiding during the air raids with his wife.

According to Pavlo, he was unable to join the army due to poor health. There was no internet in the shelter where they were sometimes, but he could write the code. They created the game on their own. A friend helped the developer with the design, and his wife took care of the testing.

Rebuild Ukraine: a game that "rebuilds" Ukraine and donates funds to charity

In the shelter, a man heard children playing mobile phones and discussing war, weapons and death. That’s how the idea of ​​creating alternative entertainment came about. All the proceeds from the internal advertising of Rebuild Ukraine are directed to humanitarian charities that help Ukrainians.

“The idea is that they don’t play all kinds of shooters and talk about how to kill or blow someone up, but get distracted. Attention was focused on the restoration of cities. Especially since everyone, everyone who plays (in Rebuild Ukraine), literally contributes to the restoration of the country,” says Pavlo Izotov.

The game is to rebuild Ukrainian houses and monuments by clicking on bricks on the screen. There are more than 100 levels and 10 large cities of Ukraine, including Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol and others.

Rebuild Ukraine is already available for Android. The version of the game for iOS is still under development. Pavlo also plans to add in-game purchases, such as bricks or pieces of monuments. The proceeds will also be donated to charity.