WhatsApp announced a new feature called the “Сommunity”.The application is used by schools, local clubs, public organizations and other associations. WhatsApp has taken into account their feedback and created a community to help users better manage active group conversations.

WhatsApp announces communities. How they are going to work.

Communities allow users to combine separate groups and make it more convenient to structure them. So their participants will learn about updates in communities and will easier create groups to discuss minor issues.

Developers have thought about administering capabilities. Here you can send ads to all participants and choose groups that can be added to communities. The principle of group work in WhatsApp has also been improved regardless of whether the groups belong to communities.

WhatsApp announces communities. How they are going to work.

Among the updates in the application we should expect:

  • Reactions with smileys, so the users will be able to respond quickly and without words.
  • Removing for administrators who will be able to clean false or problematic messages from conversations.
  • Exchange files up to 2 GB, which allows you to send larger files. 
  • Up to 32 participants of audio calls that can join the meeting. Also WhatsApp will present a new design for talking live. 

Also, the company continues to use end-to-end encryption of messages to ensure the confidentiality of its users. Closely linked groups such as religious communities, parents of schoolchildren or employees of one company can be confident that their communication is safe.