Biden administration bans the testing of anti-satellite missiles. Their goal is to make it an “international norm of responsible behavior in space”. The ban was announced on Monday evening by Vice President Kamala Harris.

USA, China, India, and Russia conducted such tests, which form dangerous space debris. The United States were the first to impose a ban and hope other countries will follow them.

According to Harris, the United States has identified and traced more than 1,600 pieces of debris resulting from the destruction of the satellite by Russia in November. Also, more than 2,800 pieces of debris were formed by China after its test in 2007. A Russian test has created a debris field that threatens the ISS.

“This debris presents a risk to the safety of our astronauts, our satellites, and our growing commercial presence. A piece of space debris the size of a basketball, which travels at thousands of miles per hour, would destroy a satellite. Even a piece of debris as small as a grain of sand could cause serious damage,” said the Vice President.

Before of the speech, Kamala Harris met with members of the US Space Forces and the US Armed Forces Space Command. She got familiarized with their work on strengthening national security.

“These weapons are intended to deny the United States our ability to use our space capabilities by distruping our satellites — satellites which are critical to our national security.These tests, to be sure, are reckless, and they are irresponsible. These tests also put in danger so much of what we do in space.”