Meme about Ukrainian tractors hunting for Russian military equipment has already gained crazy popularity and even goes beyond the boundaries of amusing images in social networks. One Ukrainian developer (hiding by the nickname ukrainian on a famous indie-games resource created a game called Ukrainian fArmy, where the player in the role of the Ukrainian farmer should find and tow Russian trucks and tanks to the “base”.

Unlike other games on the relevant topic, the Ukrainian fArmy has a fairly good 3D graphics, but the gameplay, of course, is very simple – WASD keys control the tractor, we catch the enemy equipment with the Q key and head to the base, dodging explosions and trying to score 6 units of equipment for the assigned time.

Ukrainian fArmy has clients for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can download it free on the official webpage. The developer sends all donations to volunteers and non-governmental organizations wrking in Ukraine, and also urges to donate to Come Back Alive Foundation and to the official account of National Bank of Ukraine for humanitarian aid to Ukrainians, affected by Russian aggression.