The development of electric cars goes beyond simply replacing traditional fuel engines with electric power. More and more concepts lead to the fact that cars will take passengers to the right place, while everyone in the car will be relaxing, having fun and/or working. And all this should be with maximum comfort.

The new Audi Urbansphere EV concept car follows this paradigm.

For starters, this is a large SUV almost 5 and a half meters long (18.07 ft), 2 meters wide (6.59 ft), and 1.78 meters high (5.84 ft), and the wheelbase is 3.4 meters (11.15 ft). That is almost a Hummer EV. And as a big car, the concept got the corresponding no less impressive 24-inch wheels.

The concept has a very futuristic design. In front and behind the car there are large areas of illumination with different colors that can be adapted to appropriate situations. Instead of side mirrors there are cameras. And to add “luxury”, the car got Rolls Royce-style doors, large windows and a glass roof.

There is room for four separate seats. Moreover, the rear can be unfolded and there are retractable footrests. And for the convenience of getting in and out of the car, they can rotate slightly in the direction of the door.

The interior also has many transparent displays, and in the backs of the front seats there are additionally mounted separate screens for rear passengers. They allow you to have fun or work on the road. Moreover, the concept provides a virtual assistant, who, for example, will help to book a table in a restaurant. Also, the intelligent passenger tracking system will be able to offer options to relieve stress on the road (I guess it’s relaxing music, changing the colors of the interior lighting and massage in the seats).

And of course, the “car of the future” is equipped with a level 4 autopilot, which can independently take passengers to their destination, drop off at the entrance, for example, of the business center, and go to the parking lot or charging station. But such a car also provides the usual way of driving.

A battery with a capacity of 120 kWh will cover 750 km (466 miles) on a single charge. It can be renewed with a high-speed charging capacity of 270 kW, which in 25 minutes will allow you to renew 80% of the battery. The two front and rear engines produce 400 hp/295 kW and have a torque reserve of 690 Nm. And the air suspension should provide maximum comfort in the interior.

Of course, this is a concept that may not go into series production in this form. But more and more manufacturers are showing a similar vision of the car of the future, which is fast approaching.