Tesla will no longer add a free charger Mobile Connector Bundle to new cars. This was reported by Twitter user Tesla_Adri, and later confirmed by the head of the company Elon Musk. This is reminiscent of the refusal of some manufacturers to include chargers for flagship smartphones.

Mobile Connector Bundle itself now costs $ 275, the accessory allows you to connect the car to a home outlet and drive two or three miles after an hour of charging. As Elon Musk explained, the statistics on the use of the device were very low.

On the other hand, the company has promised to add more plug adapters with the mobile connector kit. Musk later promised that Tesla would drop the price of mobile connectors to $200 and simplify ordering them with the new car.

Tesla CEO reminds that adapter is not needed to charge car from Tesla Wall Connector or at one of the Supercharger stations. He advised installing a wall connector before buying a car.

Chargers are currently not available on Tesla website.