The BMW X7 has undergone a planned major upgrade which allows us to talk almost about a new generation of car. For example, a radical change in the front of the body for the first time shows us a serial “face”, which should later get all large BMW models – 7-Series sedan, BMW i7 electric car, etc. Well, the changes are really noticeable: 2-storey optics, narrow running lights, huge nostrils with optional lighting. Note: we said “changes are noticeable” but did not say “changes are attractive”.

Thank god that the side and rear parts have kept the traditional look. These are the details that show us that the overall structure of the body has been preserved. The BMW X7 crossover still looks like a giant, but fit and trained, as if it was doing a lot of fitness.

The dynamic character is fully provided by the engines: the base version (if you can call it the base!) with the designation “40i” will get a 6-cylinder 380-horsepower engine, and a more sporty modification of the “M60i” has a 530-horsepower V8. Both versions of the car offer a hybrid addition to the engine (so-called “mild hybrid”), air suspension and xDrive all-wheel drive system. In addition, the modification also features active anti-roll bars, rear castor wheels, new bumpers and wheel disks.

However, again, the BMW X7 SUV had similar engines and technologies before. What else has changed significantly besides the front? The interior! From now on, the front panel of the cabin offers a huge horizontal display, which actually consists of two separate monitors – 12.3 inches (instrument panel) and 14.9 inches (the new iDrive 8 multimedia system).

There are also noticeable changes in the center console: instead of the traditional automatic transmission lever, there is now a small joystick for control.As if on purpose, the iDrive controller attracts all the attention, hinting at a similar design solution in the electric iX SUV. However, whatever you say, inside the giant BMW X7 has its advantage – it is a spacious 6- or 7-seater interior, which offers comfortable seats and appropriate comfort for a large family.

However, a personal acquaintance with the new BMW X7 will have to wait: the SUV is scheduled to go on sale in the second half or even at the end of this year.