The service Opendatabot checked the data from the Unified State Register and counted the number of active companies, among whose owners, founders or final beneficiaries are at least one citizen or resident of the Russian Federation or the Republic of Belarus. As of February 24, 2022, there were as many as 16,896 such companies.

Notes on the presence of a Russian/Belarusian owner have now appeared in the company’s card in the Opendatabot chatbot, on the company’s page on the service’s website, and in the API for banks and financial institutions.

Opendatabot is a service for monitoring the registration data of Ukrainian companies and the court register to protect against raider seizures and control of counterparties. It combines data from open public registers and provides complete information about a person or company. In addition to Opendatabot website , you can use the service in the form of chatbot in Telegram and Viber .

In order to check the owner or beneficiary of the company, you need to open Opendatabot and send the name of the company or its code. If the owners of the company include Russian / Belarusian citizens, this will be indicated in the company’s card.