The COVID-19 pandemic initially had a significant impact on the electronics market. But sometimes it still causes trouble. Strict quarantine was imposed in China a few weeks ago due to a new outbreak of the virus. Because of it, one of the largest providers of iPhone assembly services – Pegatron – was forced to shut down three plants (two in Shanghai and one in Kunshan).

This was reported by TheVerge with reference to Nikkei Asia .

Pegatron accounts for 20 to 30 percent of all iPhones. Quanta, a MacBook company, has also shut down its plant in Shanghai. So there will be some delays with the delivery of Apple equipment in the near future.

Pegatron itself hopes to restore the plants as soon as possible, but of course, it does not have an accurate forecast. Meanwhile, Apple has not commented on the situation.

In the Ukrainian market, such problems usually affected not only the availability of new models in stores but also their prices. So the only thing left is to hope that the new wave of COVID will end soon and those quarantine restrictions in China will not last long.

But in Ukraine now there are other problems that also affect almost everything. Even without a pandemic, because of the war the prices of most goods and medicines have increased. And returning to the iPhone, almost all new models of Apple smartphones increased in price by $150-250 compared to mid-February prices. Due to problems with logistics, maintenance and replacement of parts may require extra time.