Apple’s plan to add a blood pressure monitor to a smart watch was a challenge. It became known that they are going to introduce the feature not earlier than 2024. 

The manufacturer has teams that work on the sensor and software for the pressure measurement function. It has been planned for at least four years, but there were problems with measurement accuracy during testing. Now it takes two more years to enter the market, and this may be postponed until 2025.  

Pressure measurement can be a key feature in the sale of smart watches, but this technology is quite difficult to implement. Apple’s competitors Samsung Electronics Co. have already released watches with pressure measurement feature. However, they should be calibrated monthly with a regular blood pressure monitor.

pple is currently testing the feature on its employees. The device does not report specific systolic or diastolic readings but warns of high blood pressure so that a person can check the readings with a medical device and consult a doctor.  

he company is also working to add non-invasive blood sugar measurements to smart watches, which can be useful for diabetics. However, there are several years left before the release of this feature, and the target year for market entry has not yet been determined. Meanwhile, the company plans to add improved support for third-party glucometers to the watch and the Health app. 

Although Apple Watch is still a long way from tracking blood pressure and blood sugar, the company is working on other updates that will be released earlier. New features for women’s health, sleep, fitness and medication should be expected from the manufacturer.