The new $1,400 Anker 757 PowerHouse offers 1,500 watts of power and 1,229 watts of lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, which the manufacturer promises is faster to charge, more durable and even safer than lithium-ion batteries.

LiFePO4 is nothing new in battery technology. These can be found in some electric cars, they really have a longer life and are less flammable, which is important because they can be damaged in an accident. The disadvantage is their weight, they are much heavier than lithium-ion at the same capacity, so they are not used in consumer electronics. For example, the Anker 757 Powerhouse weighs almost 20 kg.

Anker introduces its biggest Anker 757 PowerHouse battery

However, for powerful batteries, the use of LiFePO4 has its advantages, including more than 3,000 battery charge-discharge cycles and the ability to charge up to 80% in just one hour.

The Anker 757 PowerHouse can provide a full 100W USB-C PD charger for a powerful laptop, as well as three three-pin sockets, three two-pin sockets, four 12-watt USB-A ports and a car cigarette lighter socket.

Anker also says that its battery can charge from the sun faster than most other models – it can reach 80% charge in just 3.6 hours with a 300-watt array of triple solar panels, which Anker will also soon sell for as yet undiscovered price.

Anker introduces its biggest Anker 757 PowerHouse battery

Anker also offers a 5-year warranty on its battery, a little longer than the two years offered by other companies, and claims that its battery still needs to be charged to 100% after 3,000 charging cycles.