Unfortunately, during the war, many Ukrainians lost touch with relatives and friends. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, Ukrainians have been forced to hide in bomb shelters, evacuate to safer regions, and some are being forcibly deported by Russian invaders. But you should not despair too early, maybe it’s really just a problem of communication. Maybe one of the services the Ministry of Digital Transformation shared will help you find the missing.

Search for the missing is one of the largest resources for finding children and adults who went missing during the Russian invasion. The Telegram channel is easy to navigate with city names hashtags.

Search Ukraine 2022 is a Telegram channel for finding people all over Ukraine. To submit a search request, you need to fill out a Google form, which will be sent to volunteers and Territorial Defense fighters.

Family Search is a bot created by the International Cybersecurity Association and other public organizations.

National Information Bureau Search provides information on missing military personnel and civilians, both killed and captured or deported from Ukraine.

There are also chatbots to find people in certain regions.

Search for missing people in Kharkiv.

To search for missing people in the suburbs of Kyiv and Kyiv region a separate bot was recently created. For the first time, such a practice has been successfully implemented in the Gostomel community and is already gaining positive results.

We believe that Ukrainians who have lost touch with their relatives will be found. Take care of yourself and your family! Victory is not far off!