Microsoft plans to add tabs to Windows 11 File Explorer along with an updated design that makes it easy to quickly access folders and find the files you need. The tab feature was first spotted in a test build of Windows 11 last month, and now Microsoft has officially announced that it will add it in one of the next updates but did not specify which exactly.

The updated Explorer design includes tabs for navigating multiple folders in one window and the ability to move tabs. Microsoft first tested tabs in Windows 10 with the Sets function. This included supporting tabs in File Explorer, but the company eventually canceled the project and never added it to the stable version of Windows 10.

Updated Windows 11 File Explorer gets tabs, favorites and a new homepage

Microsoft is also adding a new File Explorer home page that includes default shortcut folders, the latest documents, and a new favorites option. Soon, users will be able to right-click on a file to add it to their favorites, and it will appear pinned to the File Explorer home page. There are even improved file-sharing options with an updated sharing dialog that allows you to send them to recent contacts or applications such as Teams, Outlook, and OneDrive.