Rozetka, one time the biggest e-commerce site in Ukraine, is gradually resuming its work in the cities of Ukraine. The next step is to open more outlets and rebuild the destroyed ones.

“Rozetka stores are already operating in Kharkiv and Sumy, in Shostka and Mykolaiv, the entire central and western part of Ukraine. We expect to open in Chernihiv on Monday! In Zhytomyr, Zaporizhzhia. We are waiting to be allowed to get to Bucha, Hostomel, Irpin, where people need products, basic necessities,” Vladyslav Chechotkin, co-founder of Rozetka, wrote on his Facebook page.

Now at open points of delivery, you can get an order placed through the website and buy goods from the shop window. The current list of points for April 8 can be viewed at the link.

According to Vladyslav Chechotkin, in the most difficult days the front line was only 3 km from the Rozetka warehouses near Kyiv. The work of the company was completely blocked, logistics were stopped. Now the liberated part of Ukraine is coming back to life.

Co-founder of Rozetka also said that many shops were destroyed or looted by the invaders. However, he believes that everything will be restored and rebuilt better than it was before the destruction.