Tesla has recently opened a new plant for the production of electric vehicles – the Giga Texas plant, one of the largest and most powerful plants not only for Tesla, but for the whole of “automotive America”. Usually, the opening of factories and plants is not important news. But not in the case of Tesla! The company decided to arrange not only the opening of the plant, but a whole show celebration of Cyber ​​Rodeo, which revealed a lot of interesting details.

First, a new version of the Tesla Cybertruck pickup. Take a look at the photos below – new wheels and other tires have appeared, a wiper and mirrors have been added. At first glance, all this makes the pickup not as futuristic as the concept car. At the same time, such details mean that the pickup is being prepared for serial production, bringing the “smallness” closer to the required standards and legal requirements. However, note: they are preparing a serial version of the Tesla Cybertruck pickup – but still based on the first concept! That is, the general form of the case is preserved, flat panels and a roof remind a pyramid, and the cargo body is executed inclined. Will such a radical design go to the production version? It seems so!

And when will this happen? Probably in 2023. During the presentation, Elon Musk said that 2022 will be a time for the company’s development: it is necessary to understand the opening of new plants, setting up supply chains and assembly of electric vehicles, product quality control, etc. But 2023 should be the year of new products. It is not only about the Tesla Cybertruck pickup, but also about the start of production of the Tesla Semi truck and the second generation of the Tesla Roadster sports car.

Another interesting feature of the new plant will be its own shop for the production of battery cells of 4680 format, which have long been promised by the company. And in general – the new Giga Texas plant differs not only in size (it is longer than the Burj Khalifa building), but also in the optimization of space and production lines. Take a look below at a comparison of different Tesla factories: the new format allows you to optimize production processes, which will have a positive effect on reducing the production time of electric vehicles and increase their production in general.

Finally, there is also information about the release of a completely new model, now known under the code name Robotaxi – it is already clear what this electric car will be for, right? And then the company’s autopilot will be useful, which will allow it to implement the idea of ​​fully autonomous taxi shuttles.

So it seems that Tesla is now preparing for the next chapter in its development. And opening the Giga Texas plant is just the first step.