Earlier, AMD added overclocking capabilities to its processors and graphics cards. This allowed the user to “squeeze” more out of the computers than the original values ​​without unnecessary movements and changing settings in the BIOS.

Recently, there have been many complaints on the Web about Ryzen processors, which arbitrarily increased the frequency, although the owners did not make such changes. According to TomsHardware, AMD has confirmed it is really happening due to a driver error.

We are aware of an issue in the AMD software suite that is adjusting certain AMD processor settings for some users. We are investigating the issue and we’ll share more information as soon as we’re able,” an AMD spokesman told the media.

There are enough potential problems due to this software behavior. Such processors are not always installed on overclocking motherboards and have good enough cooling, so systems can overheat. This increases the likelihood of BSoD and data loss.

Besides, overclocking the system leads to loss of warranty.Branded software usually warns about this. But in this case, users did not see the corresponding notification.

Thankfully, AMD has taken care of the systems to prevent physical damage to the chips. But a situation with system instability and loss of warranty, even without warning, is not a good thing. The company is currently working to resolve the issue and promises to announce its solution in more detail later.