Popular app for learning languages Duolingo reported, that the number of people studying Ukrainian has increased by 577%. Such data appeared in an open letter, which a company published in connection with Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Most new students interested in Ukrainian come from the US, where the number of students increased by 544% since the beginning of the full-scale war. Ukrainian has reached peak popularity on February 28 and holds position since then. In Poland, the number of those who study Ukrainian has increased by 2677%. The number of Poles that study it should have caught up with Americans by the end of March. 

Duolingo said an increased request for studying Ukrainian is explained by the great number of refugees in Europe. And for US residents it is a way to express solidarity with Ukraine. 

The Ukrainian course appeared on Duolingo in 2015. Then the service developed it in cooperation with Peace Corps volunteers. Due to a great demand for studying language, the company plan to improve some of the course elements such as audio. span>

The application sends the entire income from advertising received from the Ukrainian course to help our refugees. In addition, the company has disabled monetization in Russia and Belarus to make sure that they do not pay taxes to the government of the aggressor country.