Google Maps will receive a major upgrade that will add toll road prices and more details when navigating, such as stop signs. Integration with iOS should also be improved, including a new widget and the ability to get routes on maps directly from the Apple Watch.

Google says it will for the first time add fares on Google Maps to make it easier for users to choose between toll or regular roads. Before starting the navigation, the maps will show the approximate cost of travel to the destination. Google notes that users will be able to avoid viewing toll roads in the program settings.

Google Maps will receive navigation updates and better integration with iOS

Google is also adding new details to the navigation with the app, now it will show traffic lights and stop signs. Users will also see advanced details, such as building outlines and points of interest. In some cities, navigation will show even more details, such as the shape and width of the road, as well as safety islands. A new navigation map will appear in some countries in the coming weeks on Android, iOS, Android Auto and CarPlay.

The company is also adding innovations to iOS designed to make it easier to use Google Maps on the go. Google is releasing a new fixed travel widget that gives you access to trips fixed on the Go tab right from the iOS home screen. If the user is driving, they will be able to see the time of their arrival, the next departure for the transit trip and the proposed route. Google is also reducing the existing Google Maps search widget.

Soon, users will also be able to get map routes directly from their Apple Watch, meaning they no longer need to start navigating with the iPhone. Or you can click the Google Maps icon in the Apple Watch app to automatically start navigating with the watch. The new feature will be available in a few weeks.

Finally, Google Maps integrates directly into iOS Spotlight, Siri and the Shortcuts app. To access the maps, you can say “Hello, Siri, get a route on Google Maps” or “Hey, Siri, search on Google Maps”. Users will begin to see this feature in the coming months. As for expanded Siri search features, Google plans to add them later this summer.