All the most popular social networks allow editing publications. This way you can correct an accidental typo or an error after the post has hit the subscribers’ feed. This feature is even found in messengers. But the social network Twitter has been persisting for a long time and not adding the ability to edit tweets, despite the numerous requests from users.

It came to the point that after seeing an error in their tweet, English-speaking users added replies: Tweets, but editable. Among Ukrainian users in such cases, I often noticed “Dorsey!” (Jack Dorsey is a co-founder and until recently CEO of Twitter) with the mostly cheerful call to add the ability to edit tweets.

One of the corporate accounts of the company Twitter Comms has information that it is about to start testing the functionality of editing tweets. Even with a short GIF that demonstrates the function.

The tweet says that the company has been working on this opportunity since last year. Testing will begin within a month. But so far only for Twitter Blue subscribers.

Twitter Blue is a premium subscription for the most loyal users of the social network. It is only available in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Subscription will allow you to get rid of ads in articles, change the application icon, choose an additional topic etc . You can access new features with it.

So far, this is all that is known about such a long-awaited feature.

It is worth noting that the company lasted so long not by accident. The “against” argument was that the user is not left with the opportunity to correct some old data, and then say “This was not the case, I never said it …” and get away with it. In this case, for example, Facebook has notes on editing posts and even the history of editing publications. It also left no room for all sorts of machinations.

How exactly Twitter will remain safe from such manipulations is currently unknown. But given the active use of the social network by politicians, high-ranking officials and various influential people, the company will find a way to reinsure.