Video game developer Epic Games has announced a new smartphone app that can create 3D models from a series of photos. It is anticipated that RealityScan will allow you to scan real objects using a series of photos taken on a smartphone, and upload the resulting models to games or design projects.

The beta version of the application is already available on Apple’s TestFlight platform, where it will be open to 10,000 users.

Epic Games demonstrated the work of RealityScan in a video where a woman uses it to scan an armchair and place it in a 3D interior.

The company posted the result on Sketchfab, where you can see the resulting model of the armchair in more detail.

Using RealityScan is quite easy. To create a 3D model, you must take at least 20 photos of the object from different angles and upload them to Sketchfab. In a few minutes you can see the result.

However, according to those who have already tried to create models at home, the application does not work as well as in the promotional video. The Verge tried making a model armchair.

In this case, it was not possible to create a realistic model, as in the developer’s video. However, the reason for this may not be only in the application itself. The result could be affected by the quality of iPhone 12 mini cameras, poor lighting, or too few photos of the object. As the app has been released in limited beta so far, Epic Games will likely be finalizing it before its official release.

Early access to the iOS app is scheduled for spring. The Android version is also due out this year, but later.