At present, not all Ukrainians have the opportunity to go to the doctor and get the help of a specialist by the usual visit to the hospital. But in some cases, a simple consultation may be enough. The Ministry of Digital Transformation informed what services citizens can now use to receive free medical advice.

The collection contains five services and applications that will help you connect with doctors on the Web. One of them involves consulting a psychologist if the request is war-related. Others will help by contacting any other doctors and volunteers.

Need a doctor’s consultation but don’t have access to a hospital? We are talking about services where Ukrainians affected by the war can get FREE online medical advice from doctors.

1️⃣ Helsi medical service. Here you can make an appointment with doctors of all specialties. The qualifications of all doctors are confirmed by the Ministry of Health. You do not need to have a declaration and a referral from a family doctor to register for a consultation, just choose the right specialist and the time of the consultation. 

2️⃣ Doctor Online — Health Assistant. You can get advice from a family doctor or a specialist, order medication or decipher the results of laboratory tests online on the portal.  

3️⃣ Viveo Cares Foundation is an application where doctors provide advice 24/7 to Ukrainians who have health problems and are living in the war zone of the country. 

4️⃣ is an online service where volunteer doctors provide urgent medical care online. 

5️⃣ is an application that will help you get a free consultation with a psychologist if your request is related to the war. 

Share a list with those who need medical attention. Take care of yourself and your loved ones💛💙 💛💙