Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, many foreign companies have been offering help to Ukrainians. Online language learning services have not been left out, as reported by the Center for Countering Disinformation. Here are nine resources that Ukrainians can use for free.

Busuu gives a 3-month premium subscription that can be renewed at any time. The offer is given to Ukrainians and people who lived in Ukraine and were forced to evacuate. The subscription is valid for all 12 languages ​​available on the service.

Drops offers a free premium subscription for one year. The service is also working to add the Ukrainian language to the mobile application. In the subscription application you need to indicate your data, the language you want to learn, as well as answer the question “What is a palianytsia?”

The list of language learning services that have become free for Ukrainians

LingQ not only painted the logo in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, but also provided free access for Ukrainians to all functions of the service. Contact support to get it. The service also made learning the Ukrainian language free for everyone.

Preply canceled the commission for Ukrainians. The service also helps displaced Ukrainians learn foreign languages ​​by organizing video calls with volunteer teachers.

Duolingo provides free access to the premium version for Ukrainians. They are also working to make Duolingo English Test free and donate to Ukraine all the advertising revenue received from people who study Ukrainian in the application.

Ling App makes the application free for Ukrainians for six months. The application provides 60 languages, including those most needed by displaced persons — Polish, Slovak, Hungarian, etc.

The list of language learning services that have become free for Ukrainians

UTalk offers people from Ukraine free access to the language learning application.

Coursera made its program for higher education institutions free for Ukrainian students and universities. Other users from Ukraine can also take most of the courses for free.

The list of language learning services that have become free for Ukrainians

Mondly opened premium access for Ukrainians who left for European countries. The initiative should help refugees adapt to the new place. To get free access, you must specify Ukrainian as your native language at registration.