From April 1, 2022, Kyivstar continues to provide Home Internet services even without a paid tariff to its subscribers who live in areas with active combat operations.

Thus, Kyivstar continues to help its customers get up-to-date information, work and study online, and do volunteer work, even if they can’t update their accounts to pay for the service. In March, up to 420 thousand of the company’s customers were able to use the service for free all over Ukraine.

Kyivstar also continues to develop its fixed Internet infrastructure even amid Russia’s war against Ukraine. The company has provided 400 bomb shelters in various Ukrainian cities with free Wi-Fi and expanded its network to 30 new apartment buildings or nearly 4,000 apartments.

This work needs significant financial investment. Therefore, the company is asking customers who have are able to pay the bill to do so.

“Despite the war, we are actively working to rebuild damaged infrastructure, install free Wi-Fi in bomb shelters and increase coverage in new homes. More than 11 thousand families have chosen Kyivstar as their home internet provider since the beginning of the war. To make it all possible, our specialists show remarkable endurance and courage,” says Serhii Sukhoruk, Head of Fixed Telecommunications Department of Kyivstar.