India hopes artificial intelligence will help it improve weather forecasts

India is testing artificial intelligence to build climate models to improve weather forecasting, reports Reuters. The country is taking such action as heavy rains, floods and droughts are spreading across its territory. The Center for Science and Environment, based in India, estimates that more extreme weather events have killed nearly ... Read more

DeepMind’s GraphCast AI model outperforms traditional weather forecasting methods

Artificial intelligence has surpassed traditional weather forecasting methods for the first time, writes Financial Times. It is a meteorological AI model created by Google DeepMind developers. It is called GraphCast and is capable of preparing a 10-day weather forecast in 1 minute. Evaluation of the model showed that it is ... Read more

July 2023 will be the hottest on the planet in the entire history of observations

July 2023 will be the hottest in the entire history of observations on the planet. This is stated in the report of the Copernicus Climate Change Service and the World Meteorological Organization, writes CNN. According to their findings, the heat in July was already so extreme that it is “virtually ... Read more

In China, an extreme temperature of 52.2 degrees Celsius was recorded

In the remote town of Sanbao in arid northwest China, the temperature exceeded 52֯C on Sunday, July 16, 2023, a new record for China. Just six months ago, China was struggling with an abnormally cold winter with temperatures in the minus 50 degrees. This is reported by Reuters. An abnormally ... Read more