17 people in space – a new record

Someday, when mankind builds giant orbital stations and colonies on other planets, we’ll stop counting people in space, but the double digits are still impressive. There are currently 17 earthlings in space. There are 11 people on the ISS (5 USA, 3 Russia, 2 Saudi Arabia, 1 UAE): Soyuz MS-22 ... Read more

The Chinese Shenzhou-15 spacecraft successfully docked with the Tiangong space station

As reported by Xinhua with reference to CMSA (China Manned Space Agency), the Shenzhou-15 spacecraft docked with the Chinese space station Tiangong. This is the first time that Chinese astronauts aboard the space station have witnessed the arrival of another manned spacecraft. Shenzhou-15, which was launched by a Long March-2F ... Read more

Russians will not be able to get to the China’s Space Station

Despite threats to leave the ISS, the signing of a space cooperation agreement with China, and an ardent desire to land on China’s Tiangong Space Station (CCS), the Russians will not be able to implement these plans. China is not waiting for the Russians on Tiangong. This was stated by ... Read more