Space telescope

Gaia space telescope detects 500 thousand new stars in the Omega Centauri cluster

The European Space Agency has released stunning data collected by the Gaia telescope in the Omega Centauri cluster, writes Gizmodo. Gaia has been in space since December 2013 and is located in a region called L2. This is the same region that the James Webb Space Telescope calls home. The ... Read more

The James Webb telescope took an infrared image of two young stars that are still forming

The James Webb Space Telescope has shown two bright young stars in a new image in the near-infrared range. This was reported by CNN. They are called Herbig-Haro 46/47 and are located 1,470 light-years from Earth in the constellation Sails (constellation of the southern hemisphere). The objects are still actively ... Read more

SpaceX launched the Euclid telescope into space to study dark matter in the universe

On July 1, SpaceX successfully launched a Falcon 9 rocket into space with the Euclid spacecraft of the European Space Agency (ESA). The launch took place from Cape Canaveral in Florida, reports Engadget. The telescope will study how dark matter and dark energy shape the universe. The device is equipped ... Read more

The unique SuperBIT balloon-borne telescope has begun transmitting its first images of space

Astronomers have successfully launched the Ultra High Pressure Telescope (SuperBIT) on a giant helium-filled balloon. During the first flight above the Earth’s atmosphere, the balloon-telescope already took its debut pictures. This was reported by University of Toronto. The image shows the Tarantula Nebula – a bright cluster of gas and ... Read more

Webb telescope discovered two oldest and most distant galaxies

The James Webb Space Telescope has discovered two new galaxies. One of them claims the title of the oldest and most distant known – it was formed 350 million years after the Big Bang. The second galaxy is younger, it formed 450 million years after it. The telescope’s observations indicate ... Read more

The world’s largest telescope is almost ready to look directly at the Sun

China has completed the construction of the world’s largest telescopic network on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau. The country plans to point it at our Sun as part of what one expert calls “the golden age of solar astronomy.” As reported previously in the journal Nature, the Daocheng Solar ... Read more

Hubble is not retiring: how the older space telescope will work after the launch of the Webb telescope

The Hubble telescope, launched more than 30 years ago, first showed humanity distant galaxies unreachable by other observational instruments. However, Hubble’s glory has now been taken over by the James Webb telescope, which can see even further. Does this mean that Hubble’s work has come to an end? According to ... Read more