The Perseverance rover found evidence of organic compounds on Mars

The Mars rover Perseverance has found evidence of organic compounds in the Lake Crater on Mars. This was reported by Engadget with reference to a study in the journal Nature. While not definitive proof that life once existed on Mars — these compounds could have formed non-biologically — the study’s ... Read more

Images from the Perseverance rover may show traces of a river on Mars

New images from NASA’s Perseverance rover may reveal traces of a rollicking Martian river that was wider and deeper than scientists have ever seen here. It is reported in a message from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The river was part of a network of waterways that flowed into Jesero Crater, ... Read more

The Curiosity rover has discovered evidence of ancient water on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover recently discovered some of the most compelling evidence of ancient water on Mars. This evidence is rippled stones formed by the waves. These ripples formed billions of years ago when the surface of Mars was still covered with water. Probes around the planet are exploring these ancient ... Read more

Gems discovered on Mars may indicate extraterrestrial life – NASA

NASA’s Curiosity rover has discovered a large number of opals on Mars that could help solve the question of whether life ever existed on the Red Planet and provide water for any future human missions to the Martian surface. Considered a gemstone, opals display shimmering colors that usually look like ... Read more

The InSight rover recorded the fall of a meteorite on Mars

Researchers have found that NASA’s InSight rover recorded a Martian earthquake in the Amazonis Planitia region on December 24, 2021, which was the result of a falling meteorite – the first time the mission witnessed the formation of a crater on the planet. Scientists found this out by looking at ... Read more