Results of 2023

Results of the space year 2023

In a similar article, which was published a year ago, we wrote that 2022 was more than successful for space agencies and private space companies from different countries. Well, 2023 surpassed the record-breaking figures of 2022 by 18%. In 2023, 212 successful launches were made, compared to 178 in 2022. ... Read more

On the brink of the new year: hardware that surprised us in 2023

This is the last part of a series of articles dedicated to the personal results of 2023 by the editors and authors of Mezha.Media. Links to the previous parts can be found at the end of the text. And finally, we will talk about the hardware of 2023. The rules ... Read more

On the brink of the new year: what we read in 2023

In 2021, some of Mezha’s editors added books that particularly impressed them to their personal “iron” year-end summaries. This year, we decided to make a separate article about our literary finds. Let’s remind you of the rules that don’t really exist. Anyone can name just one best book of the ... Read more

On the brink of the new year: what we watched in 2023

The main problem with watching movies and TV shows is that there are so many of them, and so little time. But of course, the editorial staff of The Fringe watched a variety of movies and TV shows in their free time, and we will tell you which ones we ... Read more

On the brink of the new year: what we played in 2023

Last year, for many reasons, we did not summarize the results, choosing only a special “Iron of 2022”, and we will not do so this time. Starting in early December, numerous websites are already racing to pick the best hardware, games, and movies of the year, as if December itself ... Read more

Digital Foundry selects the best graphics of 2023

The authoritative resource Digital Foundry selects the games of 2023 with the best graphics. У півторагодинному відео редактори Digital Foundry детально обговорюють усіх кандидатів серед яких таки ігри як Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Final Fantasy XVI, Robocop: Rogue City, Resident Evil 4, Hi-Fi Rush, Super Mario Bros. Wonder та Marvel’s ... Read more

Made in Ukraine. Results of 2023 with Ukrainian game developers

It is very surprising, but the rather difficult year of 2023 was very successful for the Ukrainian game development market. Although there were no AAA projects from Ukrainian developers (we’ll leave out the divisions of large Western companies) this year (we’re waiting for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl in Q1 ... Read more

Automotive results of 2023: winners, achievements, technologies, failures

The almost completed year of 2023 was the first full year of my presence on MEZHA.MEDIA as an author of car reviews. Throughout 2023, almost 40 copyrighted materials related to cars and transportation were published. About half of the above-mentioned materials were test drives of new cars. Another large group ... Read more

10 most popular Steam games of 2023 by number of players

Critical acclaim and revenue are, of course, very important indicators of the success of gaming projects, but no less, and in fact, perhaps more important, is the number of players who have launched the game, including the number of simultaneous online players. Fortunately, some tools, such as SteamDB, allow you ... Read more