Haas Automation is accused of violating anti-Russian sanctions

The American company Haas Automation, one of the world’s largest high precision CNC machines manufacturers, is accused of violating anti-Russian sanctions, tells PBS NewsHour channel. Haas Automation allegedly supplied equipment for Russian MIC plants through its official representative in Russia and Belarus. Among them is a RATEP factory that manufactures ... Read more

In New Zealand, they are learning to produce bioplastics with the help of bees

New Zealand company Humble Bee Bio has decided to create a biodegradable alternative to plastic using bee biology. Although the company has only just begun to develop a concept, its success could change the sustainable materials industry. Humble Bee studies the Australian bee, a species that does not produce honey ... Read more

Taiwan will dominate the chip production market in the near future

Taiwan is a leader in the world semiconductor production market, controlling 46% of the foundry market and 61% of the world capacity of 16 nm transistors and less. This is reported by the company TrendForce. In 2021 Taiwan received 26% of world income from semiconductors production and 64% of income ... Read more