The Swedish data protection authority warns against the use of Google Analytics and imposes fines for it

Sweden’s data protection authority has fined two companies for using Google Analytics, citing violations of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) due to the risk of data being obtained by the US government. The agency also warned other companies about the inadmissibility of using Google’s analytics tool, reports ... Read more

The flip side of fame: influencer parents and kids whose childhoods were turned into content

For the generation of zoomers, social networks have always been something ordinary. Many believe that the first social network appeared in 1997, the same year that Pew Research marks the beginning of the zoomer generation. For them, it is a common thing to publish their ups and downs and wanderings ... Read more

Google will automatically remove data about visits to sensitive locations from users’ location history

Google announced that it will start automatically remove information about visits to abortion clinics, domestic violence shelters, weight loss clinics, and other sensitive locations from users’ location history. The feature will be available in the coming weeks. The company says that the data will be deleted shortly after the visit ... Read more

Mozilla has released its own translator. It does not use the cloud and operates privately

Mozilla launched an extension to its Firefox browser, which will allow you to translate sites in the browser without using the cloud. In this way, the data translated by the user remains private. The extensions were created in collaboration with European universities under the EU-funded Bergamot Project. The aim was ... Read more

Murena, another smartphone for privacy enthusiasts

A lot of different devices with Internet access now collect information about their users, which companies then use in a variety of ways.  Smartphones sometimes seem to know about us more than we know about ourselves. Not everyone likes this state of affairs, so sometimes there are enthusiasts who produce ... Read more

DuckDuckGo’s “private” browser allows Microsoft to track users

It has become known that DuckDuckGo and Microsoft had an agreement between them, according to which the web browser from the search engine allowed Microsoft to use trackers on third-party sites. They were not associated with a user’s advertising profile, but Microsoft advertising may track IP addresses and other private ... Read more