MacBook Pro 14

The new base model MacBook Pro 14 will not satisfy users of multiple external monitors

Presentations of new MacBook Pro models always emphasize support for working with multiple external high-resolution monitors. This time, there were such slides, but they did not apply to every model. This year, the MacBook Pro lineup grew, with 14-inch variants in the base models receiving M3 processors and reducing the ... Read more

Scary fast: updated MacBook Pro gets M3 chips and a new color. Apple has left the 13-inch MBP with Touch Bar in the past

Right after the general information about the M3 processor line, Apple showed the first laptops that received them. As expected, they were MacBook Pro 14 and 16. However, the 13-inch model, which was the last laptop with Touch Bar, has finally disappeared from the pool of MacBook Pro variants (a ... Read more

Apple updated the MacBook Pro 14 and 16, offering new processors M2 Pro and M2 Max with record battery life. The Mac mini also got the M2 and M2 Pro

Without a special event, the Apple company published a press release announcing the update of the MacBook Pro 14 and MacBook Pro 16 line of professional laptops. Previously, the dates of the release of the update were postponed, and insiders and analysts said that the new arrivals will be presented ... Read more