James Webb

Gaia space telescope detects 500 thousand new stars in the Omega Centauri cluster

The European Space Agency has released stunning data collected by the Gaia telescope in the Omega Centauri cluster, writes Gizmodo. Gaia has been in space since December 2013 and is located in a region called L2. This is the same region that the James Webb Space Telescope calls home. The ... Read more

James Webb telescope shows unique images of the Ring nebula surrounding a dying star

The James Webb telescope has taken unique images of the Ring Nebula, which is located at a distance of about 2200 light-years from Earth and surrounds a dying star. This is stated in the message NASA. This nebula is visible through binoculars on a clear summer evening from the northern ... Read more

Amazing space: what we see in the first images taken by the James Webb Space Telescope

In addition to the first image from the James Webb Space Telescope, presented with the participation of US President Joe Biden, last night NASA showed the public four more images obtained by James Webb – three photos and planetary spectroscopy data. In fact, there are even more images, because all ... Read more

A micrometeorite hit the James Webb space telescope, but NASA claims that everything is fine

The James Webb Space Telescope, whose launch and flight we watched attentively the day before war, received its first combat wound. In late May the main mirror of the observatory was hit by a micrometeorite. But at NASA they claim that this is normal, although the blow was a little ... Read more