Google’s Gemini outperforms OpenAI’s AI capabilities [for now]

Google’s new Gemini multimodal AI model looks great. But there are questions about its technical potential, given the achievements of OpenAI, reports Bloomberg. It’s all about the comparison between Gemini Ultra and GPT-4 that Google conducted. The company compared the capabilities of the models and presented the results in a ... Read more

OpenAI hopes that Microsoft will invest in the creation of general artificial intelligence

OpenAI plans to raise additional funding from Microsoft to create general artificial intelligence (AGI), which is AI with human cognitive abilities. This was stated by the company’s CEO Sam Altman in an interview with The Financial Times. According to him, the partnership between his company and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella ... Read more

OpenAI’s CEO confirmed that the company is not yet training GPT-5

During a recent remote interview at an MIT event, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman confirmed that the company is not developing a fifth version of its generative pretrained transformer (GPT-5) model. Instead, OpenAI focused on expanding the capabilities of its latest model, GPT-4. Altman answered questions from computer scientist and podcaster ... Read more