Google Assistant

Google Assistant to get support for Bard artificial intelligence

During the Made by Google presentation, the company announced a new assistant for mobile devices – Assistant with Bard. The new assistant for iOS and Android devices will be a combination of Google Assistant and Bard artificial intelligence. It will be able to help you plan a trip, find information ... Read more

Google Assistant will receive an update based on artificial intelligence technologies

Google plans to update its Google Assistant to focus on using generative AI technologies similar to those behind ChatGPT and the Bard chatbot. This is stated in the company’s internal e-mail, Axios writes. “As a team, we must focus on delivering a high-quality, mission-critical product experience for our users. We ... Read more

Google Assistant is under threat. The development team is expected to be reorganized in favor of Bard

Difficult times have come for voice assistants. They are still not profitable, require resources to support and have considerable server costs. At the same time, they do not display advertisements and are free for users. Google Assistant is just one of those. The background is that between 2016 and 2021, ... Read more