Film adaptation

A film critic made a documentary about the 1973 Turkish version of Spider-Man

Film critic Ed Glaser has released an HD documentary that sheds light on one of the 1973 Spider-Man films. This is reported by Gizmodo. We are talking about the Turkish cult film 3 Dev Adam, which is also known as 3 Giants or Captain America & Santo vs. Spider-Man. This ... Read more

15 series and cartoons based on games: much better than movies

In the comments to the previous article, 12 films based on games which are not painful to watch, proposals were made to make a similar selection, but with animated works and TV series. Considering the fact that in these genres the situation with the quality of game adaptations is better ... Read more

12 movies based on games, which are not painful to watch

Film adaptations of popular games seem to be haunted by some evil rock – the vast majority are below all criticism and sometimes even deserve a rating with a minus sign. In this article, we will not analyze why this happened and who is to blame (although we can mention ... Read more