“Mission of discovery”: NASA launches satellite to study the state of the world’s oceans and air quality

NASA has launched a satellite to study the state of the world’s oceans, air quality and the effects of climate change. This is stated in the agency’s report. This is the PACE (Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud, Ocean Ecosystem) mission, in which the device was launched into orbit aboard a SpaceX Falcon ... Read more

NASA has shown a map of almost all the water on Earth – the SWOT apparatus helped with this

NASA scientists have used data from the Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) satellite to create a map of almost all the water on Earth, reports Space. The corresponding animation shows the different surface levels of the oceans, freshwater lakes and rivers on the planet. SWOT collected data during its ... Read more

Near the Earth’s core there may be remnants of the former planet Theia, from which the Moon was formed

Remnants of the former planet Theia, from which the Moon was formed, may be located near the Earth’s core. This conclusion was reached by scientists analyzing two zones in the mantle of our planet, writes Ars Technica. According to a common theory, early in the history of our solar system, ... Read more

Scientists have found signs of the beginning of a new era on Earth in a Canadian lake

Sediments at the bottom of Crawford Lake in the Canadian province of Ontario contain key signs that the world has entered a new epoch called the Anthropocene. This was stated by the working group of the International Commission on stratigraphy, writes Axios. Researchers say that humans, not natural phenomena such ... Read more

Scientists have discovered a hidden zone of the Earth at a depth of 150 km below the surface

Scientists have discovered a hidden layer of partially molten rock, located at a depth of about 150 km below the Earth’s surface, which may solve ancient mysteries about the movement of tectonic plates. This was evidenced by the results of a new study. Previous studies have found hints of this ... Read more

Due to the disappearance of the Pacific Ocean, a new continent – Amasia – will be formed

The Pacific Ocean is getting smaller by about an inch every year as the tectonic plates on which America lies are moving westward. Now, thanks to calculations on a supercomputer, scientists say that this process will give rise to a new “supercontinent”: Amasia. The modern world map with its recognizable ... Read more