AI program creates police sketches. Experts say it is biased

Two developers used OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 image generation model to create a forensics software that can generate “hyper-realistic” police sketches of a suspect based on user data. The program, called Forensic Sketch AI-rtist, was created by developers Arthur Fortunato and Philippe Reynaud as part of a December 2022 hackathon. Developers ... Read more

Now DALL-E can help you imagine what’s outside the frame of the famous paintings

DALL-E, as well as DALL-E 2, are artificial intelligence models developed by OpenAI and designed to generate digital images based on natural language descriptions. OpenAI has added a new “outpointing” feature to DALL-E, which allows the system to create new visual effects that push the boundaries of any image, reports ... Read more

DALL-E 2 Artificial Intelligence by OpenAI creates fantastic images based on text phrases

OpenAI reveals an improved version of DALL-E program, which can create images based on text phrases. For example, visualize “a cat made of land” or “a fox sitting in a field in winter.” The DALL-E 2 has a higher resolution and lower latency than its predecessor.  The first version of ... Read more