Canada wants to ban the Russian multitool Flipper Zero to stop the surge in car thefts

The Canadian government is planning to ban the Flipper Zero multitool and similar devices after recognizing them as tools that thieves can use to steal cars, writes Bleeping Computer. Flipper Zero is a portable, programmable remote control cloning/testing tool that helps you experiment and debug various hardware and digital devices ... Read more

In Alabama, criminals stole… 60-meter radio tower

A radio station in Alabama (USA) was forced to cease operations after intruders stole its 60-meter radio tower, reports The Guardian. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has ordered WJLX in Jasper, Alabama, to stop broadcasting after unknown thieves stole the station’s AM tower. “In all my years of being in ... Read more

“Flying aliens” terrorizing rural community in Peru may be illegal miners with jetpacks

News from the cyberpunk era. Peruvian police believe the mysterious “flying aliens” who attacked a remote rural community in Peru are illegal gold miners with jetpacks, writes Vice. The mysterious attacks began on July 11, 2023. According to locals, “strange creatures” visited an isolated indigenous community in rural Peru at ... Read more

In France, the police want to be allowed to remotely activate the cameras and microphones of the phones of alleged criminals

French law enforcement could soon be given broad powers to track down suspected criminals. This was reported by Engadget. Lawmakers in France’s National Assembly have passed a bill that allows police to track suspects by remotely activating cameras, microphones and GPS-location systems on phones and other devices. A judge would ... Read more

The criminals robbed the Apple Store of $500,000 by breaking through the wall in the restroom

Overnight, two attackers broke into the nearby Seattle Coffee Gear, which sells coffee machines and other accessories for coffee lovers, broke through a wall in the toilet, entered the Apple Store through a small opening and stole 436 iPhones worth about $500,000. Nothing was stolen from the coffee shop, but ... Read more