China’s Space Station

China is finishing buidling its own space station: the Wentian module was successfully docked

China successfully launched Wentian, the second module of the space station Tiangong, which the Asian giant is building in orbit. The launch took place on Sunday afternoon local time. After 13 hours, the module was docked to the station. The Wentian module contains scientific equipment that will allow Chinese astronauts ... Read more

Chinese astronauts arrived at Tiangong space station to complete building it

China is successfully continuing its space mission. On Sunday, June 5, three taikonauts (in Mandarin tàikōng – space) arrived on the Tianhe – a base module of the Chinese space station Tiangong. Here they will stay for six months and help prepare the station for the arrival of two more ... Read more

Russians will not be able to get to the China’s Space Station

Despite threats to leave the ISS, the signing of a space cooperation agreement with China, and an ardent desire to land on China’s Tiangong Space Station (CCS), the Russians will not be able to implement these plans. China is not waiting for the Russians on Tiangong. This was stated by ... Read more