Axiom Mission 2

The private astronauts of the second Axiom Space mission have returned to Earth

After setting the record for the number of people in space, part of the astronauts went to Earth. Four private astronauts from Axiom Space who spent 10 days on the ISS as part of Axiom Mission 2 (Ax-2), returned to Earth. As a reminder, the Ax-2 mission included experienced astronaut ... Read more

17 people in space – a new record

Someday, when mankind builds giant orbital stations and colonies on other planets, we’ll stop counting people in space, but the double digits are still impressive. There are currently 17 earthlings in space. There are 11 people on the ISS (5 USA, 3 Russia, 2 Saudi Arabia, 1 UAE): Soyuz MS-22 ... Read more