The fall movie and TV series season continues. Unfortunately, the premieres of some films have been postponed again due to the strikes in Hollywood. Nevertheless, the resolution of the conflict is very close, as the screenwriters have improved their working conditions and stopped striking. We hope that the actors will also return to filming soon, and there will be more material. But there’s still plenty to watch in October, so we’ve made a new selection of 5 new movies and TV series for you.

The Exorcist: Believer

Two friends, Angela and Catherine, disappear without a trace on their way to school. After three days of searching, the girls are found in a strange state. At first, their detachment was perceived as the result of a long stay in stressful conditions. However, over time, it becomes increasingly clear that the devil has possessed the girls. Angela’s father decides to track down a woman named Chris McNeil, who has experienced similar things, in order to save the girls.

The continuation of a series of horror films that began in 1973, which is scary to even imagine. Yes, this is the movie about a girl possessed by the devil, which has become an immortal classic and has been scaring horror fans for half a century. While the original “The Exorcist” even won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, all of its sequels have turned into some completely unscary nonsense without a normal plot. The studio seems to have realized this, so they canceled all but the first part of the story. Hopefully, this will have a positive impact on the script and we will see a worthy spiritual descendant of one of the most terrifying works in history.

Horror movies are a very specific genre, either you like them or you will always miss them. If you are from the first category, going to the movies is a must! We definitely recommend watching the classic 1973 movie as well!

The premiere in Ukraine took place on October 5.

Cities and their heroes

Cities and Their Heroes is a film almanac of six documentaries about people from Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Mykolaiv, Okhtyrka, Bashtanka, and Ivankiv. The protagonists of each film are residents of these cities who were forced to abandon their usual professions and become volunteers or soldiers when the full-scale war began.

The filmmakers visited more than 12 regions of Ukraine and collected more than 90 stories, 6 of which will be included in the film almanac. Among them: the Battle of Bashtanka, how the residents of Ivankiv saved Maria Prymachenko’s paintings, the war through the eyes of a girl from Okhtyrka, and other stories that will show us the impact of the war on the lives of ordinary people. We also recommend that you check out the project of the same name if you are interested in learning about the characters who were not included in the film.

The premiere took place on October 5.

Dumb Money

The movie “Mad Money” is based on an incredible true story about ordinary people who flipped the script on Wall Street and got rich by turning GameStop (a video game retailer) into the most popular company in the world. At the center of it all is an ordinary guy, Keith Gill (Paul Dano), who started it all by investing his savings in stocks and writing about it on his blog. His advice made a lot of people rich, but it also made the rich poorer, who now want to take revenge on the protagonist.

Yes, we are living in a reality where gamers united against big hedge funds and stock traders and almost brought down the US stock market. This is an absolutely crazy story that everyone should know about! In addition to an interesting plot, we will also enjoy a good cast, which includes Paul Dano, Sebastian Stan, Seth Rogen, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Shailene Woodley. If you like movies with economic themes like “The Downward Spiral,” “Crazy Rich Asians” will be the best option for you to go to the movies.

The Ukrainian premiere will take place on October 12.

Killers of the Flower Moon

The film is based on the documentary book of the same name by journalist David Grann and tells the story of the brutal murders caused by white settlers’ attempts to take over the land in the Osage Indian settlement in Oklahoma, which contains some of the most valuable oil deposits in the world.

This is definitely the main movie of this month! A thriller from the legendary Martin Scorsese, who has directed and financed many masterpieces in his career of more than half a century. “Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Gangs of New York, The Departed, Shutter Island, The Wolf of Wall Street and The Irishman are just a part of the director’s vivid and diverse filmography, which shows how to make real movies even at the respectable age of 80.

The cast includes two of the director’s favorites, namely Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, with whom he has been collaborating for many years. Also involved are Jesse Plemens and Brendan Fraser, who made a majestic return to the big screen last year and won an Oscar!

This project is definitely worth the attention of everyone for whom the word “cinema” matters! Don’t miss Scorsese’s new masterpiece on October 19!

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Security guard Mike Schmidt accepts a night job at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, a once successful but now abandoned family entertainment center, where he discovers four animatronics – Freddy, Bonnie, Chicka and Foxy – that move and kill anyone left there after midnight.

The movie is based on the once very popular Five Nights at Freddy’s game series. The games themselves were never scary, they were just made to look that way by streamers to get more views. It was the fans who later built really scary theories based on the local plot, but we’re not talking about them now. The only thing is that the appearance of the animatronics was really creepy and at the same time very cool, these characters became an integral part of pop culture in a very short time thanks to their design.

“Five Nights at Freddy’s” has been in production hell for 8 years, but we hope this year the “curse of terrible game adaptations” will not only spared Nintendo’s intellectual property, but also Scott Cawthon’s creation. Fans of the game series will definitely find the movie interesting!

The Ukrainian premiere of the adaptation of the famous horror game series will take place on October 27.

This month’s series segment consists almost entirely of thrillers and horror movies. You will definitely have something to watch on Halloween night!


Frasier follows Frasier “in the next chapter of his life as he returns to Boston, Massachusetts, with new challenges to face, new relationships to forge, and a long-held dream or two to finally fulfill.”

The sequel to the once very popular NBC sitcom Frasier, which ran for 11 seasons, and its last episode was watched by more than 30 million viewers, thus becoming one of the most successful series finals in history. The character of Frasier, played by Kelsey Grammer, first appeared in the 1982 series Cheers (the series also has 11 seasons and 275 episodes!), and then got its own spinoff. Hopefully, the authors have prepared a gentle restart of the series for us, because watching more than 500 episodes of the original shows is quite a challenge.

The new season of the cult series is expected on October 12.

The Fall of the House of Usher

The 8-episode adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic novel will be set in the present day. The plot tells the story of the CEO of a corrupt pharmaceutical company who is confronted with his secret past when his family members start dying in a brutal manner.

The project’s director, Mike Flanagan, has already proven himself a good director of horror films, with Gerald’s Game and Dr. Sleep based on Stephen King turning out to be quite good and suspenseful works. Now he’s taken on Edgar Allan Poe, invited his favorites Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood, and looks like he’s preparing something really interesting for us. This series has all the chances to become one of the best finds of this year!

It will premiere on October 12 on Netflix.


Inspired by the worldwide bestselling series by R.L. Stein, the Goosebumps series (unfortunately, the series has never been published or translated in Ukraine, although it is one of the best-selling literary series in history) tells the story of a group of five high school students who embark on a dark and confusing journey to uncover the secrets of their parents’ past.

You could get acquainted with Stein’s work while watching the eponymous series Goosebumps, which was definitely broadcast in Ukraine, but we don’t remember on which channel, most likely TET. The series was not scary after the crime chronicles broadcast by other TV channels, but the Goosebumps screen saver reflexively gives me goosebumps. If the new series from Disney+ is even half as original and interesting as the project of the 90s, the new generation will have their own nostalgic horror show.

You will be able to get scared on Disney+ on October 13! It looks like the release date of the series is specially set for “Friday the 13th”.

John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams

John Carpenter is the man who literally created the horror genre as we know it today. “Halloween was the first slasher, and The Thing became a symbol of the body horror genre. The latter is especially frightening because while Michael Myers has scarier counterparts like Freddy Krueger, no one has managed to surpass the creature from The Thing.

The director returns with a 6-episode anthology. The series explores the dark secrets and unspeakable evil that sometimes lurks beneath the surface of sun-drenched streets, manicured lawns and friendly suburban neighbors. Each episode is dedicated to one true story of terror, told by real people who lived through it.

The concept of the series sounds interesting, and Carpenter’s talent should convey to the viewer a real sense of horror that few creators achieve. If Goosebumps is more of a horror story for children, Suburban Screams is literally the real embodiment of fear on your screen.

You will be able to watch the new series from the legendary director on October 13 on the Peacock service. Friday the 13th, too, who would have thought?


The series tells the story of four detectives in different timelines investigating the same murder. We’ll be set in London in 1890, 1940, 2014 and post-apocalyptic 2050. The central role that will connect all the timelines seems to be played by Stephen Graham. It’s a really interesting idea: if in the third season of True Detective the same characters investigated different time periods for 40 years, in Bodies we will have different detectives each time. There is also an element of science fiction.

We are looking forward to the investigation of a criminal case for a century and a half on October 19 on Netflix.