Samsung at CES 2024: Neo QLED, MICRO LED, OLED, Lifestyle screens and artificial intelligence

At CES 2024, Samsung presented a new line of Neo QLED, MICRO LED, OLED, and Lifestyle displays that will be the basis of the manufacturer’s lineup for this year and generally reveal the direction of TV technology development. As part of this announcement, Samsung plans to “usher in a new era of artificial intelligence screens” with its next-generation NQ8 AI Gen3 processor. In addition, the manufacturer also promises improved image and sound quality and a number of AI-based features protected by Samsung Knox technology in the new device lines. Let’s take a closer look at Samsung’s new products and their capabilities.

NQ8 AI Gen3 processor

Neo QLED 8K 2024 TVs will feature Samsung’s latest NQ8 AI Gen3 chip, which has a built-in neural processor (NPU) that processes artificial intelligence tasks twice as fast.

The new chip also allowed the manufacturer to increase the number of neural networks eightfold, from 64 to 512. The latter are used for image enhancement and allow Samsung to implement the following technologies:

  • 8K AI Upscaling Pro is a feature that uses the NQ8 AI Gen3 processor to optimize upscaling to 8K, significantly improving the quality of lower-resolution content for the highest quality display;

  • AI Motion Enhancer Pro is a technology that solves common problems with sports content, such as ball deformation during high-resolution broadcasts of sports matches. It automatically detects the sport and uses deep learning to optimize the ball display;
  • Real Depth Enhancer Pro is a feature that adds depth to dynamic scenes by using AI to precisely control the mini-LEDs. It detects the part of the scene that the human eye naturally focuses on and makes it more prominent in the foreground, giving the image a more realistic and three-dimensional look.

Neo QLED 8K 2024 will be presented in the Infinity Air Design with a screen thickness of only 12.9 mm. Despite such a laconic design, all models in the lineup will have a built-in audio system that can be expanded thanks to Q-Symphony technology, which allows you to connect multiple wireless speakers and a soundbar to the TV to synchronize the sound.

Developing Samsung’s ecosystem and inclusive features

In 2024, Samsung plans to significantly improve the way TVs connect to the Internet with a new home activity hub, Samsung Daily+. This development will offer a wide range of services and features, including personal training, telemedicine, video calling, and remote PC solutions, all in one interface.

One of the key new features of the hub is Multi Control, which allows users to work from home by giving them the ability to control all screens, including TVs, smartphones, and monitors, using a keyboard or mouse connected via Bluetooth. This development will make it possible to work, copy and paste content, read documents, etc. on different devices.

Samsung’s new 2024 TVs and screens will also offer better compatibility with various devices in the ecosystem, including smartphones and smart home devices.

For example, the new Mobile Smart Connect system will allow you to control applications and services using a mobile plug-in in SmartThings, turning your smartphone into a multifunctional remote control.

The 360 Audio feature, which was previously available on Galaxy devices, will now be available on Samsung TVs and monitors. Samsung Galaxy Buds headphones will be able to easily connect to TVs and reproduce 3D sound of movies, TV shows, and games, allowing you to immerse yourself in visual content and gameplay.

Samsung’s latest lineup of TVs and screens also supports a number of inclusive features, including:

  • Subtitle Voiceover is a function that uses artificial intelligence to recognize the characters of embedded subtitles (OCR) and voice them in real time;
  • The Barrier-Free Remote is an app designed for users with visual, hearing, or physical disabilities that lets you control your TV with your smartphone. It offers intuitive button layout, clear colors and haptic feedback, and integrates the latest accessibility features from Samsung;
  • Relumino Together mode – this feature allows visually impaired people to watch TV shows, movies and play games without the need for third-party devices. Artificial intelligence technology dynamically outlines the edges of objects on the screen and restores color balance, allowing visually impaired users to see people and objects more clearly.

MICRO LED – new possibilities of display technology

At CES 2024, Samsung presented its latest development – a transparent MICRO LED screen. It resembles a piece of transparent glass, is equipped with extremely small MICRO LED chips, and uses high-precision manufacturing technology to avoid seams and light refraction. This approach ensures a clear and vivid image that is suitable for a variety of use cases, both at home and in the corporate sector.

What makes the transparent MICRO LED so special is its modular design, which gives users the ability to personalize the shape, size and aspect ratio of the screen to fit perfectly into any room. This technology is the result of many years of research and development by Samsung in the field of semiconductors. This has resulted in an efficient process for applying LED chip circuitry directly to glass, significantly reducing the loss of brightness that can be observed with traditional screens.

A wider range of OLED screens and glare-free technology

Samsung’s 2024 OLED TVs continue to build on the success of previous models by offering new technological solutions. The S95D model with a large 77-inch screen is characterized, according to the manufacturer, by high detail, high frame rate and vivid video. The screen of this model is 20% brighter than previous models, has a deep and rich black color, and color accuracy meets Pantone Validated standards.

The S95D’s screen is also Samsung’s brightest OLED display with a high refresh rate of up to 144 Hz. The company has also expanded its lineup to include TVs in a variety of sizes, from 42 to 83 inches. These models are equipped with the new OLED Glare Free technology, specially designed for OLED screens in 2024.

Samsung lifestyle products

Samsung continues to adhere to the principle of “Screens everywhere, screens for everyone” by adding new products to the Lifestyle collection. In 2024, the manufacturer will offer the following solutions:

The Frame – Samsung’s most popular lifestyle TV with a picture frame design has received new features that should improve the experience of displaying works of art. Today, the Art Store, which provides the ability to purchase digital copies, features more than 2,500 works of art from world-renowned museums and galleries, and now it will be possible to view art for free through the new streaming feature, which will allow specially selected collections to be displayed on The Frame every month. In addition, The Frame 2024 has a new energy-saving feature that reduces energy costs by 10% thanks to the adjustable refresh rate available in Art Mode.

The Premiere 8K ultra-short throw projector with wireless connection, offers premium home audio, continuous voice communication with a far-field microphone, and four screen splitting modes. The projector also utilizes Samsung’s patented Sound-on-Screen technology, which combines an overhead speaker module with software algorithms to deliver an immersive audio experience.

The Freestyle 2nd generation – the new version of the portable projector features Panoramic View, which combines two 2nd generation The Freestyle projectors to create a large screen to view photos and videos in panoramic mode. This feature allows the two devices to project images up to 160 inches in a 21:9 aspect ratio without the need for manual adjustment.

Music Frame – the new customizable SmartThings-compatible speaker is also capable of delivering surround sound when paired with Samsung TVs and soundbars. Music Frame can work as a standalone wireless speaker or connect to a Samsung TV and soundbar for perfect synchronization. A special feature of the model is its ability to easily fit into the interior, disguised as modern photo frames.

HW-Q990D – a soundbar with an 11.1.4-channel configuration and Dolby Atmos immersive sound. The model is also capable of analyzing audio and using artificial intelligence to optimize sound.

HW-S800D – the ultra-thin 39.9 mm soundbar, which is three times thinner than standard models, has 10 drivers. The model also features a subwoofer for enhanced bass.

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